Darning Desk is a sustainable design project which focuses on Iranian "Carpet Darners" as a target low-income population.


Our Multi-disciplinary Design Team

Yang Xueke

Master of Architecture

Jinesh Jain

Master of Urban Design 

Kelsey Hinesley

Master of Visual Communication Design

& I

Master of Industrial Design 

Video Production By: Kelsey & Jinesh


Nowadays, there are more than 10,000 craftsmen in Iran [1] that the carpet darning is their first occupation and their annual salaries is between $2,800–$3,800 which depends on their resume, skills and background in this field art and crafts. Because of the traditional techniques of carpet darning they have to sit down all the time that they are working. Consequently, more than 82% of darner suffers from chronological musculoskeletal disorders [2].

[1] Retrieved from IRAN National newspaper, 2016

[2]  Saraji G.N.* Ebrahimy L. Fouladi B.(2007).A survey on ergonomic stress factors of musculoskeletal system in Iranian carpet restoration workers. Department of Occupational Health, School of Public Health and Researches, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Volume 65, Issue 01.

Business Model

Ideation Process

1st Concept

1st Concept

Seiza Benck inspired idea with before and after skeches

2nd Concept

Redesign of the workspace and concept of efficient arrangement and storage of the carpets inside the site.

3rd Concept

Mix of redesigning the workspace and rolling worktable. 


Synthesis of all concepts in design of a worktable, including the rolling for efficient storage and arrangement of the carpets and better ergonomic solution. 


Material and Human Factors Analysis by: Yang  

Digital visualization by Amir  

Digital visualization by Amir