NOU is a modular furniture which has been designed for middle class four-people family who needs set of sofa for: 

•Flexible for various space & capacity

"nou" means novel and new.



During MA studies in course of Major Project II under supervision of Dr. Alireza Ajdari, we learnt how to design, using strategic scenarios, according to the latest design innovation management methodology* provided by Sohrab Vossoughi, Founder and Principal of ZIBA Design**.


* For further information please look at the slides below.

** Breslin, M. (2008). ZIBA Design and the FedEx Project. MIT Press Journals, Design Issue(4) 1, 41-54.


1ST concept

Multi-functional cushion to lean against, for readingputting a cup on and for using a laptop


2ND concept

A sofa specifically designed for the prolonged musical instruments practices


3rd concept

A set of sofa that includes two book shelves on its body and portable coffee tables that can be placed under the sofa. 


4th concept

Adjustable set of sofa including an internal automatic system of massager.


5th concept

Modular set of L-shape sofa including four detachable pieces. Symbol of friendship, intimacy and equilibrium. 


Final concept 

NOU looks like a puzzle. A fun set of modular sofa including four couches, four U-shape stools and round piece of glass (as a table top). 

Prototyping Process

Prototyping Process


Internal Structure: Fiberglass 


Steel Framework


Footrest's Drawer: MDF, Chipboard


Comfort: Polyurethane


Lining & Finishing



I sincerely thank all who have helped me through making NOU. This project can not be completed without their co-operation.



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