TUBA is a synthesis of design, emotion and culture. This high-tech conceptual urban sunshade is designed for people who constantly visit Behesht Zahra cemetery Located in the southern part of Tehran capital of Iran. TOOBA eases the grief, emotional and physical intensity of the visitors who have buried their beloved ones under its shadow.



Behesht Zahra cemetery with 584 hectare area is located at north of Tehran. This cemetery includes almost 1,300,000 deceased and every moth almost 3900 people are being buried at this location. People who visit this place are mostly carrying emotional burdens of their losses and intense solar radiation during all four seasons especially summers and the lack of appropriate urban shelters at this location exacerbate the emotional intensity with external physical pressures. 


"Imagine you were out of the city and you wanted to escape from intense solar radiation and heat. Where do you take refuge?" 

- I asked.


- Everybody replied unanimously.

Main Concept & Inspiration Resources

To make this strange Hi-Tech product united with characteristic of the location and urbanities feelings various metaphors have been applied, which can be categorized in two subjects:


Design & Culture: The localization of the High-tech urban element with Iranian culture 

Tazhib courtesy of Mr. Majid Razmi (Industrial Designer)

That a tree ... its radiance all the Heavens lighteth up from end to end, Flooding every tent and palace, every lane and every square.
— Charles F. Horne

TUBA is a evergreen tree in the heaven that has been promised to muslims in holy Koran [Ra'd (Thunder) - 29] . 

  • The Persian proverb: Being in someone’s shadow (means being confident that someone important has your back)
  • Ancient Persian tradition of holding the Holy Koran over one’s head before they set off on a journey or going to war in the hopes of saving the traveller from possible harms throughout the journey, or wish for being successful and safe in whatever the person is about to start like first day of school, sport contest.